Back in Athens bitch - Making of

Making of Back in Athens Bitch!

Back in Athens Bitch Bakcstage

Yes I know the picture above looks nothing like the music video of Back in Athens Bitch released by Panik Records in 2013. The wheelchair was not in the video and the microphone, who was the star of the video, did not have writing on it!

What you are seeing is a backstage photo from the video clip. The wheelchair was used to move the cameraman around holding the Red Epic camera with a mounted microphone strapped on it.

The writing on the microphone reading Shure SM58 beta was removed from all the scenes in post production!

Basically the video clip for Back in Athens Bitch was not planned for. We shot “Back in Athens Bitch” instead of another video where the artist and client failed to show up.

Back in Athens bitch Backstage

We had rented a hotel room, had a fully loaded van fitted with a generator outside, had a full crew on site and no client!

When it came apparent that the client was not going to show up the director of photography at the time Dimitris Zamparas suggested we make an art video to pass the time.

His idea was to use a toilet brush moving around in different areas.

That is when I picked up on his idea and decided to shoot a video for my own song Back in Athens bitch which interestingly enough was freestyle recorded with “Deep Connection” in the studio!

I ran home and picked up my trusted wireless microphone and decided to make a story of it seeing different things in Athens city.

Of course the microphone decided to take a shower in the video, permanently damaging my beloved microphone. But, I have been know to sacrifice personal equipment for video purposes multiple times!


Paul D Back in Athens Bitch

I kept only lighting for the hotel room as well as The DOP which also handled the Red Epic camera, having fun being pushed around in a wheelchair all over Athens while people looked at us, baffled, wondering what in the name of music we are doing! I also kept the electrician along with the camera owner.

We then mounted the microphone on our camera and used the wheelchair and car to move it around various locations and give it life!

I thought of a general story on the spot and story boarded it mentally in my head. All locations where made on the spot and we just went for it!

The poster scene, the banners on the tram, the billboards in the background with “Deep connection” on them, as well as the label on the record in the bed and more, where all post production!

The only extras we had where the twins! All the other people that took part I found on the street and persuaded them to take part of this revolutionary music video!

Backstage Back in Athens Bitch

Many of the light effects you saw in the video took effect by spinning the wheelchair around on the spot.

This was one of my favorite videos and just shows what a little imagination and positive thinking can do.

The video was so impressive it landed me a record deal with Panik Records both as an artist and video director.

But, not before playing and aired on Balkanika Music Television which I was also interviewed and featured both as an artist and director paving the way for my next track with Annet Artani called Revolution!

It then went on to playing on MTV and multiple times a day on MADTV.

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      Brain power is sheer preparation meets opportunity, knowledge and experience. Also having a team that lead you in the right direction. You are not out of league Kasia, just where not in the surrounding elements. Im sure you have had your moments 🙂

  1. Hello Sir, I am a lead singer with Chicago Mass Choir and I sing on my own olsicaonalcy ministering as a soloist. I just wanted to let you know that I am so excited about learning from you. Your Basic Microphone technique video was GREAT! It really was and is very helpful, and I will take that lesson with me every time I touch a microphone now. Thank YOU so much for such a well thought-out presentation. Very professional and very on point. Loved it

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